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Ultimate Guide to Glass Blowing — Glass Blowing

How to Start Blowing Glass without Spending Money

How to Start Blowing Glass without Spending Money

When I started to get into Glassblowing I was broke as a joke. While you hopefully are not as broke as I was, money is never easy to come buy and Glassblowing equipment can be expensive. So Im going to introduce you to some great ideas on how to get into blowing glass for NO MONEY. Many times people are scared to even start looking into glass blowing because they think that it is going to take this massive investment. As I mentioned in the last blog post there are a variety of tools needed to get started in blowing...

Learn the Secrets to Blowing Glass

Benjamin Kemph

Tags American Glass, Glass Artist, Glass Blowing, GlassBlowing, Monkey Boy Art

Welcome to my very first blog post! I'm about to take you on a journey where you will learn how Monkey Boy Art was created, how I became a glass artist, and some incredible secrets into the glass industry and the art of GlassBlowing. Like many of you in the Monkey Boy Clan, there was a time that we didn't know much how Glass Art was made. I got my start in this industry, 7 years ago when I was hired to work at Peace of Mind smoke shop in Seattle, WA. Over the year that I worked there I...